Bums Me Out

by Stress Eater

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Recorded in the upstairs kitchen at Club España.

Fernando Vázquez - Guitar, vocals, handclaps, Goya manteca tub
Javier Miguens & Juan Muñiz - Drunk shouting


We waited outside for the club to open not even old enough to get banged up like we'd do later
And didn't notice how we were on a speedway
Now our conversations are monotone and semi syllabic
Avoiding each other because it always goes nowhere
Monthly texts and family plan minutes allotted less to you

And I never thought I thought it'd get this bad
Our ears were burning for no good reason
We fell in love, we drifted away

Shifted glances for shit I can't remember
Short tempered and getting sick
I'm sorry I resented you, you just fell for a girl
I'm far from far from far from perfect
Who am I to fucking judge?

I'm in the backseat hiding hush puppies driving up I-95 through Virginia
And I honestly missed this
But this probably won't fix this
But I just want you to know

That I don't hate you
I'm far from far from far from perfect
Who am I to fucking judge?

Throwing our wallets asleep at wheel
Underage drinks had so much appeal

Now No Neck's bartending downstairs
While I hope nobody hears me recording
And he'll get me a beer and I'll crack a few jokes
But deep down we know it's not the same
And it honestly bums me out


released January 27, 2013
Live, drunk, one take, out of tune. Let's embrace our shortcomings.




Stress Eater Newark, New Jersey

Punk band from Newark, NJ without the band

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